Uber: 5 ways to find your tribe!


Not too long after moving to LA, I remember someone has asked me: have you found your tribe? I hadn’t really thought about it before. I’m surrounded by people all of the time. When I head out to events for work, there are tons of people just stand around watching, waiting, and documenting. 

Then sometimes you meet up with a group of women who aren’t just there for the photo op. Some women show up to cheer each other on, to connect and cultivate, and to empower each other like only women can. Women’s empowerment is not just some trendy lingo,  it’s part of what’s moving our culture forward. I’m so happy to have been connected to these babes! If I had to pick a LA tribe member, it would definitely be some of these powerhouse women. 


I am excited to partner with Uber as they celebrate women and the women's empowerment movement.  To add to the spotlight, here are my 5 Ways To Find Your Tribe:


1. Be the kind of woman you want to hang around.


2. Find ways to add value to the lives of the women around you.


3. Be intentional about the energy you put out.


4. Get out more often.


5. Don’t be afraid to shine. Powerful women always look for the light.