How to Plan a Move to Another State as a Mom + CRUSH IT!

How to Plan a Move to Another State as a single mom, tips featured by top US lifestyle blog, MomCrushMonday

Guess what? I’m MOVING AGAIN!

Yes, you heard me right...I’m MOVIN’ ON UP! This time we’re heading back to LA (because 3 times a charm), and the move kinda snuck up on me.

I was given two options for our move out of Utah: New York and Los Angeles. Honor and I visited both cities several times before we had a mommy-daughter heart to heart about where we would relocate.

Then, about 6 weeks ago, we made a firm decision to head BACK to LA because we knew it would be best for us. And YES, I allowed Honor to be a part of the decision process. The moves from city to city affect her just as much as they benefit me and the brand, so I always want to make sure she feels comfortable with the money moves we make.

Now, I know moving can be a headache even if you do every single thing right. You can schedule the movers, the moving truck, plane tickets, and all the other elements designed to help make things go smoother; but ISH will still be hectic as hell. Add in your kiddos, changing schools, and learning a new city, and you may find yourself a bit stressed and overwhelmed about the move you once were super excited about. So keep on reading for my tips on how to mover to another state!

How to Plan a Move to Another State as a single mom, tips featured by top US lifestyle blog, MomCrushMonday

How to Plan a Mover to Another State as a Mom:

So, this is what I’m learning are the best ways to plan a move as a mom and CRUSH IT!

1. Visit the Cities 1-2 Times Before your Move.

It will allow you to get accustomed to the environment and the pace before you permanently relocate.

2. Talk to your Kiddos during Each Step of the Process.

Let them know when you’ll start packing up their toys and clothes. This will hopefully help you pack with ease.

3. Connect with Someone in your New City.

Having a friend in the city where you’re moving TO is easily as important as having a place to live. A friend can help you maneuver the small details like finding the best mall, connecting with a new doctor or dentist, or inviting you to dinner when you have boxes all over your place.

4. Schedule your Transition about 2 Weeks Before School Starts.

This will help the kiddos get used to the location and hopefully find some friends in the neighborhood before school starts.

5. Relax. Some Things are Going to Go WRONG. It’s Inevitable.

The movers will show up at 10pm instead of 10am. The flight will be delayed a few hours. You’ll think you packed the kids’ favorite toys only to find you taped the box up, and put it on the moving truck.

It’s going to be okay though. The kids will live without the toy until you unpack and you’ll get settled over time. Relax, breathe deeply, and enjoy the new season of your life in a new place.