4 Ways to Create Your Own Opportunities

4 Ways to Create Your Own Opportunities, tips featured by top US influencer Destiney of MomCrushMonday

I get hundreds of questions each month from women, mamas, and other social media peeps about how I find opportunities to grow my business. They ask me “where did you find your sponsors?” and “how did you get to where you are?”. I love answering everyone back when they ask me a question, and my answers are often pretty simple.

I create my own opportunities.

If I waited for opportunities to come my way and fall in my lap, I just may not be typing this blog post right now. I would probably be somewhere working a regular 9-5 (nothing wrong with that either), and waiting to pick up Honor from childcare. I would more than likely have some success, but not the level of success I have right now.

Yes, I’m telling you that I create my own opportunities. I reach out to people. I send proposals. I get “no” as an answer often. I continue to work through those denials because I know they are not my destiny (see what I did there).

I know it seems difficult when you’re just starting out to figure out how to create your own opportunities, but I know it can be done. I’ve done it. I’m willing to help you do it.

4 Ways to Embrace to Create your Own Opportunities:

1. Know what you want before you reach out to others.

You have to understand what your goal is for contacting those who can help you. If you want followers, be clear about that. If you want to work on a sponsored ad, make that known.

2. Craft your media kit to highlight your assets and your potential.

Okay...you may not have a million followers, but if you are engaged with the 10K you have, you are well on your way. Be sure your media kit highlights what YOU have DONE, and what YOU CAN DO.

3. Put yourself out there by reaching out to the right people.

Closed mouths don’t get fed. You have to ask for what you want and expect to receive it. Reach out to the companies you’d like to work with. Send your media kit to the right people. Search for companies seeking influencers, email them.

4. Join Majoring in Motherhood to make sure you’re getting deets and information.

Yes, you should be in my group on Facebook because great information is shared in
there. It’s pretty laid-back, and you can learn a lot. Here’s the link:

4 Ways to Create Your Own Opportunities, tips featured by top US influencer Destiney of MomCrushMonday