Green Slime & Fun Times!

Nickelodeon Resort: Punta Cana


I’m such a 90’s KID, so Nickelodeon is what I grew up watching and enjoying every Saturday morning! I was super excited to share the Nickelodeon Resort with Honor and some friends recently. It was such a BLAST!

My friend and I grabbed up our girls, packed a few bathing suits and bottles of sunscreen, and hit the airways to Punta Cana for a little fun in the sun..Nickelodeon style. We wanted to show the girls how to have a little fun, promote true friendship and sisterhood, and relax a bit. Showing our girls the world is our ultimate goal, and this trip was right up our alley. The friendly staff was super helpful and the concierge was great. I’ve been many places with H, yet this by far was a favorite for us both! We felt safe and catered too.


We did so many things, and I don’t want to forget anything. Here’s our dissected fun list and all deets.

Kiddie Day Camp

We had a great time getting accustomed to being at the resort. So, once we’d spent a few days on the resort, the mamas needed a little sip. The kiddie day camp was perfect. The kids were able to do some fun activities like cute crafts, explore without their mama’s hovering over them, and we were able to go get a quick glass of wine. The staff was super nice and we comfortable leaving them for half an hour.



We also loved the quaint little coffee shop, DOPPIO. They also had ice cream and the girls loved that! The kids were able to grab a

cup of creamy goodness, and us moms were able to get espresso for the day! Everyone left here happy.



With all the fun and swimming, the kids were so hungry more often than not. But...that’s kids right. Well, Sugarcane was our absolute favorite. The food was healthy, cooked when we ordered it, and the kids enjoyed it! Can I say this again...the food was great! The girls loved that they could get their own food and didn’t have to choose from a “kiddie” list.

Overall, we tried all the restaurants and they did not disappoint!


Nickelodeon Events

Honor and I got SLIMED!!!! It was amazing. Honor loved every second of it, and it will be a memory we cherish FOREVER! Now, even if you don’t get slimed, you’ll love all the shows, character sightings, and singing. It’s super cool for all ages! Did you see the video of us being slimed on IG?