Pucker Up for PINK: How to Choose a Pink Lipstick


How to Choose the Perfect Pink Lipstick

I’m excited about the spring and summer months coming because it means I can play around with my pink lipstick. I’ve always been into bold and bright pink colors, and it’s even more exciting now that so many exotic options are showing up in my local beauty store and online shops. I love every shade of pink from blush to fuchsia. However, I choose carefully how I wear the different shades because they truly give different vibes.

First, here are few things TO DO before you choose a pretty pink palette.

1. Do... check your skin tone before purchasing your pinks.

2. Do... choose multiple shades to try them out.

3. Do... try something new even if you’re not quite sure at first.

How to Choose a Pink Lipstick featured by top US beauty blog, Mom Crush Monday
How to Choose a Pink Lipstick featured by top US beauty blog, Mom Crush Monday

You can check your skin tone by looking at the color of your veins. Turn your wrist upward and see if you have green veins or blue veins. If you have green veins, your undertones are yellow. If you have blue veins, your undertones are pink. If you have yellow undertones (or medium brown skin), you should wear deep pinks such as raspberry and magenta. If you have pink undertones (or fair orange skin), you should wear light pinks such as blush and mauve.

Buy several colors of pink within the palette that matches your skin tone. You may find that you like one for a daytime look and another for an evening pucker. Lighter shades of pink give off the vibe of happiness and simplicity. Bolder shades of pink give off the vibe of excitement and fun. You could even try different shades from various brands to see which one gives you the best vibe. Here’s my CRUSHing tip for poppin’ pink lips: MIX a few colors to create your own custom pretty pink. You could use a darker shade on the outer portion of the lip and a lighter shade on the inner lip to create an ombre effect. Mixing shades can help you find your perfect color without having to order a custom tube from a boutique or cosmetic company.

Cheers to beautiful pink lips for the summer months!

What about you? What’s your favorite pink lipstick shade? Let me know in a comment below!