Go For the Goal! Personal Goals Talk.

My 5 Basic Personal Goals for 2019

Personal Goals for 2019 featured by top US lifestyle blog, Mom Crush Monday

Happy New Year, mamas! Year 2019 really came in with a bang for me and the MCM Crew. I rang in the new year, drank my bubbly, and determined my personal goals for the 1st quarter. This year I decided to drop the resolutions and focus on the personal goals I have for these first 3 months of 2019. You know resolutions are cool, but for me, I’ve been setting resolutions for years. And to be quite honest, I haven’t always kept my resolutions. I set the resolutions, and I don’t stick to them. LOL.

Here is my belief on the resolutions. They were always too broad. I would say I was going to exercise more, but I didn’t verbalize how much more. I would say I was going to grow my business, but I didn’t have any detailed plans for the growth. So, this year, I decided to put on my big mama panties, and set a few personal goals instead of creating resolutions I wouldn’t keep.

Personal Goals for 2019 featured by top US lifestyle blog, Mom Crush Monday

My Top 5 Personal Goals for 2019

1. Hustle Smarter, Not Harder. I plan to schedule weekly content and prepare my work 4 days ahead of the release day.

2. Set small personal goals for big dreams. I’m only focusing on what I want to accomplish between January and March for now. This will make my goals easier to accomplish and measure.

3. Define the circle. I have a goal to add 1-2 people to my team to maximize productivity. I will start the process soon.

4. Pamper Myself. My goal is to rest, relax, and rejuvenate my mind, body, and spirit at least 3 days a week. Yep, 3 days of self-care is my goal.

5. Hone my exercise discipline. I am challenging myself to get in the gym or complete a home workout at least 4 days out of the week.

What’s one personal goal you have for 2019? Let me know in a comment below!

Xoxoxo, Des