When Does It Expire?

Expiration date 101 featured by popular life and style blogger, Mom Crush Monday

This will be short. Some things expire which gives you another excuse to go shopping . Here’s a list of things for which you might not know their expiration date, and when you should get a new one.


Your bra: expires 1-2 years after purchase (ummmm the wire is showing, sis)

Your running shoes: 300-600 miles or 1 year (whichever comes first)

Your sunglasses: 2 years after purchase (the UV loses its power after two years


Sunscreen: 3 years at the most (if it’s runny...it’s time to toss it)

Bar Soap: 3 years (unopened, of course)

Mascara: 3 months, opened (it’s another reason to go shopping)

Your Pillow: 3 years (stop fluffing it-----go shopping)

Your Mattress: 5 years (don’t turn it over----go shopping)

The kids’ Car Seats: It varies (check the bottom of the seat for the expiration date)

Destiney Green7 Comments