Blogger Q & A: When Do You Sleep?

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Blogger Q & A featured by popular life and style blogger, Mom Crush Monday

I received question 5,000 today. It reads something like this “How do you do all of this? When do you sleep?”. LOL. I promise ya’ll, I sleep. I love a good nap. I also know that getting rest is a huge part of being successful, so I get my rest, for sure. I digress.

I get questions all the time about how I balance everything, so I’m answering some common questions in this blog. But first let me explain who I am just in case you’re new here. I’m Destiney, and I’m a mama to Honor (aka H), my 5 year old daughter. I coparent with my cool ass baby daddy and we really are ONLY friends (so don’t ask). I love hanging out with both of these special people in my life. I grew up in Utah, but I lived in LA for a year or so before moving back to Utah. I share my life on Instagram, Facebook, and here on, Majoring in Motherhood. I have a huge team to help me keep everything together. I get sooooo many questions everyday and can’t get to them all, but I want to answer them, so here goes.

Blogger Q & A featured by popular life and style blogger, Mom Crush Monday

How do you balance being a mom and posting to Instagram and your blog on a regular basis?

I don’t always balance everything is the truth. Some days are better than others. Scheduling is my best friend when it comes to being a mom and making sure I keep the blog and Instagram updated. There are days when I miss posting something to Instagram, but I give myself grace. I create a schedule of what I am going to post and the caption, and I post it when I’m waiting for H to walk into school or in the evening after bedtime. I try to stick to my schedule in order toknow when I’m supposed to do something. Making an alarm in my phone about posting is also a lifesaver.

My best piece of advice is to create a schedule and stick to it. It helps you make sure you’re doing your part and you still have time to be a present mom.

Blogger Q & A featured by popular life and style blogger, Mom Crush Monday

How do you work Instagram into your daily schedule?

I see Instagram as a place to share my life with you all, so I include Instagram as a part of my life. I look at what I plan to do for the week, and I figure out what parts I plan to share on IG. I make sure I have my camera or someone from my team with me for the parts of my day I plan to include on Instagram.

Instagram essentially fits into whatever I’m doing that day or week. I create captions and blogs after I get back from the day’s outing or while Honor is playing or resting. If I’m collaborating with a company or other business owners, I make sure I have everything for those collaborations when I sit down to schedule everything out. I put the images and captions in my phone + choose my presets (shoutout to MIM presets), then I’m pretty much done. I go back and edit everything before I post it.

Blogger Q & A featured by popular life and style blogger, Mom Crush Monday

How often do you post to Instagram?

I usually try to post 2 times a day. If I can’t, that’s okay. Sometimes, I’m on vacation and you may see me post more often than usual, but usually 2 times a day----which is about 12 times a week. That’s it. I try not to overwhelm myself, so I only do what I know works for me.

Remember you can choose your own schedule. Someone may tell you that you must post 6 times a day because that works for them. However, it may not work for you. Choose how many times you want to post and stick to it. It will work out for you, I promise.

How many paid sponsored ads do you normally try to take each month?

I take on what feels good to me for that month. For example, I knew H was going back to school this month, so I pulled back on how many collaborations I choose to commit to. Next month, I may add a few more to my calendar as they come in because we will be in a good school routine by then.

I usually take 3-4 collaborations a month. That’s like one due each week. Like I said up there, I try not to overwhelm myself and then not be able to deliver. I only take on what I know I can execute with excellence & things we do/use organically.

Blogger Q & A featured by popular life and style blogger, Mom Crush Monday

Okay, so here’s the question I get all the time:

Who takes your pictures?

I love taking pictures, so I do a great deal of them myself. I take pictures of H and her buddies. I also take shots of nature, food, and other things when I’m not in the picture. When you see me in the photo, I have a team member tagging along with me to shoot a few shots for me. When I’m home, I’ll use my tripod to shoot just me, H and me, or other random stuff. That’s pretty much it. There aren’t like 6 or 7 photographers following me. LOL.

I hope I’ve answered most of the commonly asked questions in this blogger Q and A. Let me know if you have anymore questions, and I may drop another question and answer blog later in the month.

Xoxoxoxo, Destiney

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