Summer Staycations.


We spent the last half of summer traveling and staycationing.

After being in and out of town over the past couple of months, it felt good to be home. We were able to rest up, hang out with friends and family, but you know me... I started getting the itch for travel again. To satisfy my itch, we went to Grand America which is hands down my fav Utah restaurant.

We seriously love to travel. But trust me, time spent at this amazing place gives all of the best travel feels. 


This one sentence sums up my 5 reasons to staycation at The Grand America Hotel: It has the most amazing brunch, swimming pool, and spa — and don’t forget their grand tea! Honor and the kids had a blast. 

Staycationing is a great alternative to going out of town. So grab your friends and have yourself a grand time. 

Can’t make it to Utah? No worries. You can re-create the same experience in your town. 



Here are 5 reasons you should staycation in your city:

1. You can get away without having to go too far.

2. Discover new and exciting things about your hometown.

3. Invite local friends and family to come along.

4. Save money by traveling locally.

5. Get away on short notice.


The Grand America Hotel