Visit Phoenix: Fun Things to Do in Phoenix

Fun Things to Do in Phoenix featured by popular travel blogger, Mom Crush Monday

Phoenix, AZ was a blast!! 

Honor, her dad, and I headed to Phoenix for a little family R&R and fun after a busy few weeks. It wasn’t too far away from Utah, so we packed up and headed for the red rocks and golden sunshine.

Fun Things to Do in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Grand Resort & Spa

I’m all about finding a great space for Honor to enjoy while I get to hang out too. So, the Arizona Grand Resort was the choice, and what a great choice it was. The beautiful scenery made for an amazing backdrop for all the fun we could have at the resort----water slides, restaurants, and live music. Breakfast the next morning was delish, and the Oasis Water Park was everything Honor loves. She was able to splash around with her dad while I took a nap under the cabana. I’m always on board when there’s a variety of things for the crew to do. We were able to rest up after our flight and have a great day at the resort, so I’ll give the resort an A+ in my book.

Fun Things to Do in Phoenix featured by popular travel blogger, Mom Crush Monday

After we checked out of Arizona Grand Resort, we were rested and were off to see more of the city. We headed to Legoland at Arizona Mills for a laid-back day of building, laughing, and playing. We were able to beat the summer sun at this indoor playground. I mean they had anything a 5 year old could want from rides to movies and an aquarium. Honor loved watching the creatures in the huge tunnel, and I was happy to see her ooooh and ahhhhh over all of the creatures. Not only was she able to see cool water animals, but she learned a lot about desert life and Arizona’s landscape. I’d say make sure you wear your comfy shoes during this adventure. It’s a huge area to cover, and you want to be able to make amazing memories without your feet hurting at the end of the day.

Lastly, We were super tired after our full day at Arizona Mills and checked in at Fairmont Scottsdale Resort. Honor was super excited to get here, shower, and jump into her jammies. This was the best place for doing it too. The luxury resort was nestled in a great space and gave us a little taste of home. Our suite was spacious and immaculate. Dinner was spot on after a full day out and about, and we slept like babies the first night at The Princess Sunset Beach Pool!

The night of rest was exactly what we needed, so we could enjoy the Pool. There was so much for Honor to do here. Her and her dad started the day with breakfast, enjoyed storytime, and then we all headed to a dive-in movie (it was the absolute coolest to watch the movie while we swam and cooled off from the Dessert heat.

Arizona was everything we needed and nothing more. I recommend you visit Pheonix and experience the serenity for yourself!



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Arizona Grand Resort & Spa,
Oasis Water Park and Aunt Chilada’s
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