5 Reasons to Have Mom Sex!

The importance of Mom Sex featured by popular life and style blogger, Mom Crush Monday

Public service announcement: I am a mom, and I like sex. I talk to people all the time, and they make it seem like sex should be last on my priority list since I became a mother. Ummmm, NO, not really. I still enjoy the intimacy of close relations (hint hint: that’s how H got here....), and I enjoy having sex. If you don’t enjoy sexual encounters, this blog might not be for you, boo.

For me and many of you, sex is helpful in so many ways----not just in becoming a mom. It helps us stay in tune with our womanly side while also giving us a break from being mom all the time. I have several reasons for why I think you should always be ready to enjoy a little bedroom (or bathroom, closet, or laundry room) loving every once in a while.

The importance of Mom Sex featured by popular life and style blogger, Mom Crush Monday

5 Reasons You Should Have Mom Sex TODAY!


1. Decrease your stress levels, mama. Sex helps release chemicals in your brain to calm your nerves and make you feel like you can handle 50,000 more questions from the little ones.

2. Build your stamina, girl. You need to be able to run around the park with the babies and that takes stamina. Sooooooo, start in the bedroom. Sex helps overall health and heart health.

3. Sleep like a baby. Hey, sneaking a little loving in at night will work in your favor. Great sex= great sleep. Moms need all the sleep they can get, and sex helps that happen.

4. You want to. Sex is not a forbidden word because you became a mother. If your body is telling you you need that type of intimacy, go for it. Be safe, have fun, and DO IT.

5. Take care of yourself. Sex is part of self-care. It makes you take a minute and focus on you. You focus on you as you prepare for the “get down” and you focus on you while you’re getting down. If you aren’t focusing on you and making it all about him, shift that focus girl. Make sex about you and your wellbeing, not just him.

Sex as a mother and Mom Sex can be sticky topics since we never want our kids to see us in compromising positions. You can be the calm, cool, and collected mom at the park with a little more sex in your life. LOL. So, go get laid (I hope my mama isn’t reading this)!

Xoxoxo, Destiney

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