You got time for this!

Finding time in your busy schedule for new hobbies


Your 24 hours might feel like much less than 24 hours.

You have so much going on from taking care of the kids to running your business to seeing the boo thang. I know.

Your 24 hours may come and go so quickly that you forget to do something different.


You gotta make time, my love.

Make time to try something new.

Make time to seek out some adventure.

Go skydiving or hiking one weekend to see if you enjoy it.

Go to an amusement park. 


Try the new restaurant you’ve been meaning to hit up.

Rollerblade or skateboard on the Boardwalk (this one makes me nervous, but you could try it). Start a book club if you want to.

Go to the Zumba Fitness or Trap Yoga class you keep watching videos of on Insta.

Make time to try something new. Time is of the essence; do something out of your comfort zone. A new hobby ain’t never hurt nobody.