B-Day Vacay!!

The Tulum Getaway

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On my B-day--- I slay, and Tulum helped me this year! I can’t say enough about how grand it was to spend a little time away from the hustle and bustle, celebrate another year of life, and get a little luxury living in my life.

I’m a huge sand seeker, so I’m always ready for a NEW beach to explore and let me tell you, Mexico didn’t disappoint. Tulum, Mexico to be specific. I love all things beachy, and I certainly felt like the pecan tanned mermaid during this trip.


Tulum is the coolest, most naturally serene location to relax, rejuvenate, and refresh. This ancient Mayan ruin is amazeballs with its white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. There’s an atmosphere of “doing nothing, but chill” here, and I was all for it. I mean I didn’t really want to come back. I had the beach, my baby girl, and my break time vibes. All was good in the world.

When I take a trip to the beach, I try to find a place that makes it easy for me to have a great time, relax, and be a mom (if I’m taking the kiddo along for the swim). Tulum did all of this for me and the littles.


>>>We hung out under the palms at Quintana Roo (the sun is beaming here, but the palms are surprisingly cool spots for comfort).

>>>We stood out over the Mayan ruins and watched the waves (this is an ancient Mexican landmark, so it’s always good to see the historical beauty of the location).

>>>We rested in the hammocks at Zamas Resort (well, why wouldn’t we?).



>>>We played a little beach volley in the warm sands (playing in the sand just happened to be a great “hidden” workout for me---which I enjoyed).

>>>We checked “fish pedicure” off of our bucket list of cool things to do (it felt so weird & cool at the same time).

>>>The food was delish & the drinks were exquisite. I could have stayed 10 more days eating authentic Mexican dishes and sipping the freshest coconut water.


Zamas Resort must not go unmentioned!!! Beautiful!!! Luxury with a hometown feel is everything a girl and her beach bag needs. I mean it was spacious (great for large groups), clean, and filled with things to do----from swimming to foosball! And, let me say this: ocean view chica----STUNNING! The ocean view is to die for!

Tulum made turning 25 a blast! This birthday was about me and my happiness. I gave myself the ultimate birthday present. I put me first. For the first year ever, I decided to celebrate myself and it felt so good.