Sleep is my favorite thing to do------right after hang with Honor and make money. LOL.


I used to be on that no-sleep life, but that quickly came to a halt when I felt myself spiraling. When I started this mom crush gig, I did the shoots, played with Honor, tried to hang with my friends when I could, and date a little bit. I tried to do it all on little sleep. I couldn’t.

I love my sleep now. I make sure to get all 7-8 hours of sleep, if I can. I try to do right and not be mean to people, so I go to bed on time and do the necessary things to keep my sleep on 100.

When I’m ready to get some good sleep, I make sure to do 4 things: use my essential oils, take a soothing bath, slip on my Soma jammies, and listen to soothing music.

>>I usually like lavender and eucalyptus oils for sleepy time. These two oils together relax me and calm my mind. I have so much on my mind every day, I need the oils, yall. I need the oils.

>>Sometimes, I even add the oils to my nighttime bath. Yep, Honor and I both need bathtime. LOL. I add some bath salts, essential oils, or bubbles, and I soak the stress away.

>>After my oils and a bath, I slip into my lightweight Soma pajamas. I don’t even feel like I’m wearing anything (wink wink) when I wear these. They are comfortable as all get out, I promise.

>>Okay, here it is. I need music or a good book to fall asleep. I usually listen to my meditation or vibrations before bed. I may also listen to my fave R&B artists. I try to read a bit, but I fall asleep (don’t judge me).

Are you getting good sleep, mama? What’s your “good sleep” routine?

Xoxoxoxo, Destiney