Massage Me, Baby!


“Are you ready?” That’s what I heard when I walked in to get my massage a few weeks ago. I thought I was ready. I knew I was going to get a massage because I’ve done it so many times before, but I didn’t know how much I really needed it.

I laid across the table with my face planted in the opening. The massage goddess walked in and told me to relax. The next thing I remembered I was waking myself up because I was snoring (don’t laugh at me). I didn’t even know how badly I needed the massage. But, babyyyyyyyy, I needed it, and so do you.



Every mama needs a massage and here’s why.

1. You can be stressed as HELL when you’re an active, engaged mom. Good mamas need good massages. That’s the bottom line. All that running around with them, playing on the swings, and helping them in the bathtub can cause your muscles to be sore and tired. Getting a massage will help.

2. Your brain needs a moment to NOT be thinking. As a mom, you’re always thinking about what’s for lunch, what’s for dinner, is the baby safe, and so much more. Massages help you put your mind at ease, for a little while at least (that’s how I ended up snoring...LOL).


3. Why not? Massages don’t always have to be for special occasions. Making massages a regular part of your life will make you more mindful of how you take care of your body. You deserve the massages, mama.

So, I want to share my favorite place to get my body rubbed (lol). I am sold on Burke Williams in California. They have the best mama massage and leave me on cloud 9 everytime. The spa is beautiful, and they have the most serene environment. They customize massage needs, and you can get everything from hot stones to Shiatsu. It’s the perfect place to relieve stress and get pampered.

Alright, now schedule you a mama massage, babyyyy!