Monday's Mom Crush

We’re back with an all new Mom Crush Monday!


This is an opportunity for me to highlight moms that I am crushing on, and inspire other moms who are out there crushing it to keep going.



I am so excited about today’s feature. This is someone that changed the game for me when it comes to the hustle of business. I have always been accused of “working too much,” and there was a moment in my life that I even apologized for it. Then I came across this woman on the internet. She was sharing her own personal hustle without apology. She was encouraging other young women to be excellent. She was telling the truth about working your way in the career and life of your dreams. She was given out free game every single day on Twitter, Instagram, and through her podcast… and this woman has recently added being a mom to her life as creator of curlBox, host of the My Taught You podcast, speaker, career mentor, and business bestie in my head.


Today, I am excited to share my interview with Myleik Teele. Welcome Myleik!



I came to know you through the My Taught You brand, but you are also the founder, owner, and operator of curlBOX - another awesome brand by the way. Can you tell us a little about your journey to entrepreneurship?


Myleik: I've been an entrepreneur since 2009. After moving to Atlanta during the height of the recession, I was unable to find work. I took matters into my own hands and started consulting (I have a background in PR - specifically online marketing). After working with various brands I decided to start my own brand in 2011 and that's when curlBOX was birthed.  


Me: I love that story. My journey is similar in that I didn’t set out to be Mom Crush Monday. I became a mom and then a single mom, so I had to figure out how to build a life for me and my daughter. I started documenting that journey through photos on Instagram. That journey became MCM.


You’re a new mom. I’m sure you are still adjusting, but I am excited to hear your thoughts on motherhood and business. Has becoming a mother changed how you do business at all?


Myleik: As a business owner I knew that I had to carefully plan my maternity leave so I did most of my work up to June before my son was born (in March). Working twice as hard each day to ensure that I'd get proper time off with him (maternity leave) showed me that I could have been doing that all along.  The month that I had my son and the month after were my highest grossing months professionally. So in the time that I was spending cuddling my son, I made the most money I've ever made. Becoming a mother gave me the hunger that I'd been missing and a better ability to plan ahead. 


Me: Amazing! I love how strategic and intentional you eased into mompreneur. My daughter is a huge part of my brand. That’s not true for all moms, for many reasons. Will Noah become a part of your brand?


Myleik: I don't really view myself as a brand. I'm more of an "accidental" influencer. I created my own website after people kept sending me checks to thank me. I figured I'd create a page with things for them to purchase as a thank you - I felt better about that exchange. I don't have any special plans or limits for Noah. Since mothering is still so very new for me I'll have to see how I feel.


Me: Finally, what lessons has becoming a mother taught you about life in general?


Myleik: Becoming a mother has helped me to further protect my boundaries. My child needs the best mother possible and he can't have it if I'm allowing people to run me down into the ground. So where I'd typically just say OK to things, I now say NO out of respect for my son and our relationship.


I can totally relate to that. Actually, you helped me become unapologetic about my own boundaries and saying “No.”


See why Myleik is my Mom Crush Monday?!


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