3 Ways to Refill, Refuel, & Refresh this Mother's Day

Fill Your Cup, Mama!: 3 Ways to Refill, Refuel, & Refresh this Mother’s Day



The world knows that moms are special. Moms are smile creators and healers of boo-boos. We are birthday party planners and taxi drivers for major sports teams (okay....it’s little league..but still...). Each week we spend hours making breakfast and packing lunches, but sometimes we forget to eat lunch ourselves (I know...I forget until my tummy starts talking to me). Mamas are everything, all the time, but we have to remember to fill our own cup when it’s getting low on Mom Fuel.



This Mother’s Day, I am deciding to reclaim my time and treat myself to a few sweet and affordable deals from JCPenney! I grabbed these cute & comfy jammies from JCPenney, and I plan to make the most of Mother’s Day in bed snuggling with my princess (yep, we plan to snap a few selfies too!!). Mother’s Day is totally about making sure I am refilled, refueled, and refreshed.


Here’s how I plan to refill, refuel, & refresh this Mother’s Day:

_mg_0916 (1).jpg

Enjoy breakfast in bed. As a single mom, I still have to make breakfast, but this Mother’s Day, I’ll make breakfast and enjoy my breakfast snuggled under the covers.

Binge watch my favorite shows. I’m going to stay in my pajamas and watch a movie or two with my girl beside me.


Simply relax. I’m clearing the schedule on Mother’s Day to make sure I get a few much needed naps.


I think you should refill, refuel, and refresh too! Take a break, hide in your closet, head over to JCPenney, and grab the gift you’ve had your eye on for the last few months! Mother’s Day is REALLY your day....

Fill your cup, mama! Happy Shopping! #ad #sponsored


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City Streets Womens PJ Set: https://jcp.is/2vSirA1

JCPenney Mother's Day Gift Hub: https://jcp.is/2qXZiXE