Keepin It Clean with Head and Shoulders

It’s that time again friends. The time of summer adventures and exploring places we’ve never been. It’s my favorite time of year. While I have the travel bug all year round, summer will always have my heart. 

The beach and a pool side cabana are calling my name so hard I can’t hear the other chatter. I guess it’s time… but while I can’t get enough of jumping in the pool to cool off, the water can do a number on my coils and spirals. If my girlfriends and I take a hike in the mountains, our hair takes another hit. We love trips, but we don't like trippin’ about our hair.



Taking care of our hair often becomes such an important part of each trip---from what we pack to how long it takes us to prepare for our night out on the town. And we aren’t alone in this. 71% of black women said they were concerned with itchy, flaky scalp in the last month according to a Head & Shoulders internal consumer study. And you know what, we’d rather spend more time finding fun things to do and less time worrying about how our scalp feels. 


Luckily, I have experience as a cosmetologist, and I knew I needed to find a way to clean my scalp and handle the dry, flaky skin at the same time. Out of all of my girls, over half of us deal with dry, itchy, and sometimes flaky scalp. Putting oil on it won’t help, because it’s not actually a lack of moisture causing the issue, and oils can make it worse. So, I decided to find something to clean my scalp that I could share with my girls.



Who would have guessed that I'd find just what I needed during my weekly shopping trip?



This was 5 or 6 years ago. I walked down the hair care aisle and didn't know what product I needed to treat my itchy, dry scalpissues. I grabbed the Head & Shoulders bottle hoping it would stand up to what I’d heard about it. Well, it DID.  Head & Shoulders worked wonders. My scalp felt fresh, clean, and moisturized. I was sold! I shared it with all of my friends.


For African American women, like my friends and me, whether it be keeping our scalp healthy under our wigs (one of my favorite ways to change up my style regularly) or nourishing our natural tresses, Head & Shoulders has done its research on the specific needs of African American hair care, and I’m here for it. My favorite is Head & Shoulders Clinical Solutions Leave-On Treatment for daily dandruff protection in between washes. There is no shame in having a dry scalp or flakes, what there is shame in is thinking that it can’t be fixed – because honey you are worth more than that. You deserve to live your best life without the worry of your scalp or hair. So channel that self-care that is affordable for everyone, say goodbye to days of an unhealthy scalp, and say hello to uninterrupted bold styles. 


Xo, Destiney