Mastering the Meltdowns


Yo, I take pretty pictures all the time, but sometimes behind the scenes is not so pretty. Let me cut to the chase, we have meltdowns over here. Like for real. Honor is an amazing kid, but she’s still a kid. And, there are days when she just ain’t having it. She will be fine one minute, and the next minute, she’s almost in tears. Then, I’m almost in tears. Well, not quite in tears, but I get frustrated ya’ll. So, I started making sure I was handling these mini meltdowns the right way to keep both me and H from losing it.


First, I always keep my voice low and calm. Do you remember when your mom or grandmother used to whisper even when they should be yelling? If you don’t remember moments when they whispered through clenched teeth, I sure do. It really made me hush up most of the time. Now, I don’t do the clenched teeth thing, but I do keep my voice low and calm. I will whisper in a heartbeat when H is ready to get loud and make a scene.


I also try to get down to H’s level, so she knows I’m not trying to “mommy-handle” her. Mommy-handling is kinda like bullying for parents----where you stand over them and make the demands. I am all for making sure she does what I say, but I don’t want her to be afraid of me. Getting down to her level let’s her know that I mean business, but I’m not trying to scare her.


So, when the meltdowns come, my biggest thing is to stay calm. There’s nothing worse than a frantic kiddo and a frantic mom. You can do it....master the meltdowns and make it every day a FABULOUS day!