Day Trippin’!! How to Pack Light and Enjoy the Trip!

Day and weekend trips are bae! I always end up in a city for work or fun, staying overnight a few nights in a bangin’ hotel, and then resting up before traveling. Well, I am really starting to believe that short trips are fabulous for so many different reasons. But, I’m not going to get into that right now.


However, I do wanna say this: if you forget something even on your weekend trips it can cause your fun to turn into misery super quick. So, packing for your lighter trips (3 days or less) is important, and you can focus on having FUN and not hunting down something you forgot back home.

IMG_9957 (1).jpg


1. Keep a small bag of toiletries in your suitcase. Grab another makeup bag from your favorite store and fill it with your travel-sized toothpaste, hair products, body wash, etc. Make sure that’s in your suitcase at all times.

2. Pack versatile pieces. Be sure you can mix and match your pieces, and you can add a jean jacket to change the look. The more ways you can wear it, the better.

3. Take your favorite outfit with you. Who cares if you wore it last week? Take it with you so you have at least one outfit in your bag that fits PERFECTLY and makes you feel like a MILLION bucks!!!

IMG_9956 (1).jpg

I want you to enjoy your trips more and worry about your suitcase less!