Who’s That Girl?: It’s Bio Oil, Baby.


I get questions about my pregnancy with Honor, and how I still pull off the crop tops. Well, for starters, I love my crop tops, so having Honor wasn’t going to stop that. But, not only do I get to wear my tops, but I get to wear cute shorts, fab dresses, and chic swimsuits because Bio Oil is bae.

Really, I can thank Bio Oil for the skin I’m in especially since having Honor. I used Bio Oil my entire pregnancy, and as my body did it’s job to make room for my H, Bio Oil did it’s job and kept my skin moisturized and glowing. It worked phenomenally the entire time.

I didn’t stop using Bio Oil once I had Honor either. I kept using this liquid gold, and it’s helped with everything from stretch marks to scars. Applying Twice a day keeps the stretch marks at bay! I get loads of random scars from chasing Honor around and living my best life with her. So, whenever I see random nicks and nacks on my skin, I apply my Bio Oil, and within a week the scars are gone.

Bio Oil is such a great multi-faceted product. I think every mama should have a bottle on her shelf. Go get you some store.biooilhealth.com.