The Summertime 6: Beginners Guide to Toning Your Abs


The Summertime 6: Beginners Guide to Toning Your Abs

I want abs and you want them too. LOL. The Summertime 6 is the 6-pack we all want during the winter, but don’t start working on until the spring. Or maybe that’s just me.

Well, here are a few of my favorite ways to tone my abs for the sunny summer days of beach lounging and crop tops.

1. Drink lots of water. Fruit juice and carbonated drinks can cause you to bloat. Drop the drinks. Pick up the water.

2. Plank every night. Drop on those elbows and toes and hold it. Not sure what a plank is? Check it out here.

3. Dance often. Dancing is a full body workout and it allows you to use your abdominal muscles more than you think.


4. Take a Barre class. Barre is equivalent to ballet for exercisers. Plie and squat = more toned abs.

5. Throw your legs up. Hey...not like that. Lie on the floor and bring your legs straight up towards your head, then put them straight down. Repeat like 20 times.

6. Eat green leafy veggies. Your veggies will make you go to the bathroom. Having regular trips to the bathroom will reduce the bloat.

What are your favorite ab saving tricks?