Put Your Positivity Panties On


I’m all into being realistic and telling it like it is, but sometimes we can get real negative in our thoughts and words. Being negative only makes life feel like a never-ending rain storm, and who wants that every day.

I remember when I moved from Utah to LA, everything didn’t go exactly as planned, but I tried to remain positive through the initial changes. I knew there were things I could have complained about, but I also knew it wouldn’t really help me to complain.

So, I took a little positivity test. I decided to be positive in several different ways. And, the decision to be positive changed my life and helped me transition better.

Here are a few ways you can be more positive in your thinking and actions.

1. Say positive affirmations.

2. Listen to up lifting music. 

3. Focus on the good taking place.

4. Do guided meditations. 

5. Keep a positivity journal.

6. Release negative people.

7. Smile when you have good thoughts. 

8. Stop using BUT when discussing positive events.

9. Do one positive deed a day.

10. Read a fun, humorous, or inspiring blog (you know like Mom Crush Monday :))

Go be positive and spread your magic everywhere you go.

Xoxoxoxoxo, Destiney