Dreaming of Sleepovers with DHP


Hey ya’ll!

Our condo is finally starting to come together, so I’m planning another sleepover with some friends! H and I can clearly be called the sleepover queens since we’ve had company every single weekend for the past two months. Friends and family, alike, often come hang out with us with their overnight bags and big smiles.

Well, this sleepover is going to be epic because each room now has a comfy place to sleep thanks to DHP Furniture. You've seen my epic pink couch (that also folds down and serves as a guest bed) from DHP featured a couple months ago in a giveaway; but after falling so in love with it,  H and I also picked out our beds from DHP as well, and let me tell you they didn't disappoint. 

We now have three rooms to host guests in!


For my room, I went with the Her Majesty bed... because obviously. I truly love it. It's a classy, simple look that could stand alone beautifully but also compliments my collage wall perfectly. I redecorate often, so having a versatile piece like this was important to me.  This one comes in sizes twin to king so it could easily be just as beautiful in a kids room as well! 


For Honor's room, I wanted something super cute but also practical. We all know as parents that finding places to store all the toys and nicknacks our kids accumulate can be challenging. So for Honor, I choose this Maven Platform Bed that has amazing storage underneath it - out of sight and mama approved. 

Then H picked out the CUTEST - no really - THE CUTEST - bedding ever. Her quilt is embroidered with the word 'DREAM' over and over, and if I didn't know she was my kid before this, her picking this bedding would have confirmed it for me. 

I also snatched up an extra set of sheets so that I can cover the couch when guests come and really make them feel cozy and at home. 

If you're considering new pieces of furniture for your home, I highly recommend DHP Furniture. We absolutely love all of our pieces. 

I can’t wait for the sleepover to start!!! We’re going to have a blast!

Xoxoxoxo, Destiney