Teaching H Table Manners





Table Manners


I’ve been working a lot lately on making sure Honor is incorporating good table manners as she grows up. You know we let 2 year olds slide when it comes to chewing with their mouths open, but as Honor becomes my pretty little lady (and gets older), I’m teaching her all the ways to present herself with poise and respect.

H knows how I am about manners, so she’s getting used to me sharing my manner moves with her.


I’m always telling her to sit on her pockets, but there are a few other things I tell her too.

**Keep your elbows by your side. Now, this one is a little more difficult to remember, so I let her slide (as you can tell here). She does know about it though.

**Chew with your mouth closed. There’s nothing cute about seeing chewed french fries or sweet dessert mushed up in your mouth. She’s got this down pretty good and I’m proud of her.


**Wash your hands before coming to the table. Germs, germs, germs. She knows all about germs, so I keep reminding her to wash off the germs before she heads to the table to chow down.

**Wait until everyone is served before eating. I really want Honor to know that enjoying lunch or dinner with people we love also means sacrificing a little time until everyone has food to eat. This is just one way to help her learn to be a little more selfless.

Good Manners Never Go out of style. 

XO Destiney