How to be Intentional with Networking Events

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I’ve been invited to so many events over the years; but I didn’t always go. I was busy laying the foundation for my business and wanted to make sure that when I headed out to network and connect, I had something solid to share and represent.

When I decided to start attending these events, I wanted to be intentional about it. I came up with a few key intentions and managed to build some great relationships with many great women.


Here are some key intentions for networking at an event:

1. Go with an open mind. Be intentional, but open to what comes your way. You may find things you didn’t even think to look for.

2. Be the elephant in the room, if you see someone standing around by themselves go up and spark up a conversation. They will appreciate you for that.

3. Don’t get caught up on having business cards. If you have them great! But, everyone utilizes social media for business these days. So don’t let not have a business card keep you from connecting.

4. Speaking of social media, make sure that all of your platforms are up to date, easily accessible, and noteworthy. Give people something to get excited about connecting with you on.


5. Sometimes it’s ok to ditch a +1. This was big for me. It forces you to level up your networking skills. You want to meet new people, not stand there chatting it up with an old friend.

6. Follow up immediately after the event. This is a step most people meet. I usually follow people I vibe with right then and there. Once I get home and take a minute to go through their content, I send a quick “great to connect” email or DM and compliment them on something that really resonated with me.

The beach brings me so much inspiration. Sometimes I’ll head there for a few hours in the morning to journal, set intentions, and get in tune with myself before I start my workday. We lead such busy lives that it’s important to turn down the noise, every now and then, and listen to our hearts and minds. Where do you go to find inspiration?