The Most Valuable Kind of Love

It’s Valentine’s Day! Some of y’all are all boo’d up and some of y’all will be experiencing this day booless, just like me.


For my single ladies, here’s what we’re not going to do: 


we will not spend this day sad because we’re single. 


we will not go scrolling through our ex’s timeline.


we will not sit around with our other single girlfriends, complaining about being single.


we will not entertain men we don’t like just so we can say we had a date for Valentine’s Day.


Here’s what we’re going to do instead:



we’re going to give ourselves credit for leaving the relationships that no longer served us.


we’re going to bless our ex and fill our hearts with positive vibes only.


we’re going send blessings to our future bae and set our intentions for solid relationships with a quick meditation or prayer. 


we’re going to spend the day engaging in our self-care rituals, like spiritual baths, spa sessions, Netflix binges.


Single Ladies. It’s 2018. Gone are the days of being defined by our relationship status or placing too much value on our ability to find a man. Today is still a beautiful day. Love still an amazing thing. We send blessings to all the couples showing love to each other on this day, and as we express the most valuable love of all- self love.