I See You


For the mom who says she doesn't have enough time...


For the mom who feels lost in her role of motherhood...


For the mom who looks in the mirror and wonders where her cute has gone...


I see you.




Now lean in.  There's something I need you to hear: you either get yourself together and run the day or the day, and ultimately motherhood, will run you.  



When I had H, I would try everything to get ready and power through the day. I was nursing so, yes, I was tired.  But looking back, I see how I would allow excuses- like a partner who didn't help a ton, keep me down. Those things were real, but so was my purpose. Motherhood became a huge part of my purpose. Motherhood became a great motivator for me, not a burden. 

Today, mama, do something different.  Get up. Get yourself together and do motherhood like your babies are depending on you. Because they are... You can't deposit excuses. So make deposits into your babies lives. 


You got this. Now, go!