How to Date with Intention


So one of my goals for this year is to date more intentionally. Although I am super focused on my businesses, and excited to support more mamas as they focus on theirs, I am still in love with love. And y’all already know how serious I am about having more babies. Dating is something I will need to focus on if I want to make love and babies happen. So, I’m on it!

Some of you mamas have been sliding in my dm, asking about my love life, and although I don’t have a new boo to announce, here’s how I’m choosing to date more intentionally:


1. Taking the pressure off. I am being intentional about dating, but I am also going with flow. It’s all about alignment. If it works out, I get out. No pressure.

2. Setting aside time. Scheduling, locations, what to wear, timelines... all of that stuff held me back from pursuing a love life. Now, that I set aside a couple hours a month for it, things work out. I picked up a couple of date night pieces, I set time aside to answer texts, emails, and phone calls from men I am interested in, and I have certain dates designated for dates.

3. Making final edits. No more entertaining men that don’t meet my expectations. I have standards and I’m not laying them aside for random date nights. I know what I want and if those who are interested don’t have the goods, it’s a no from me.

4. Showing up Destiney. I play big in my life and I’m not slowing down any time soon. Whoever decides to date me must be okay with my heart and hustle. This is important because in the past, business has been one of the reasons I didn’t date. If I find a man who is comfortable with my ambition, we can build together.

That’s goals.