Sincerely, Me

Dear future self, 

I like what I see. I'm so glad you didn't let your short term fears or wants supersede your long term dreams. You are well traveled, happy, and married.  You are enjoying life. Your body feels healthy and is stronger than ever because you stopped eating out even though it was more convenient. Your heart is content because you didn't settle for all of the Mr. Right Now's and waited for Mr. Right for Forever.

Your soul is free because you didn't let one place hold you back, and you traveled every chance you got. 

Dear current self,

This is a reminder of who you can be if you commit to your own happiness. You can see the world, all you have to do is buy two round trip plane tickets to anywhere you want! Your body can be strong, as long as your will is stronger than momentary desire.

Your heart can be happy, and it will.  So here's to looking forward to those Mondays (no pun intended), making the days count, and embracing that future you earned.