Pivot Like A Boss

I recently had some issues with my car. Being a single mom, I understand that for some, that could be a major setback.

I was in a position to get my car fixed and get on with my business.  Do me a favor, put that on your list of goals. 

Hear me out mama, especially my single mamas... it'S all on you.  You don't have a husband to run out and take care of it. It's all on you, boo. Make sure you secure that if I need to get my car fixed, bag that money.

 5 More Things Mama: 

1. Don't let a flat fire ruin your life. When you have things to do, you don't even have time to wait on AAA. Learn how to fix that bih yourself. 

2. Stack you some money and put it away for emergencies. Car trouble is not a disaster when you can cover the costs.

3. Step your credit score up. Be in a position to secure everything you need, in your own name.

4. An A-Team is a must! You need the support of others. Period. Get you a team of 2-3 people that you can call on and you KNOW they will show up.

5. Pivot like a boss. I know you have big plans, but shit happens. Don't be so attached to your plans that you crumble if things don't work out one way, pivot and make another way.

Okay mama, now go be great!

XO Destiney