3 Tips to Connect With Your Kids On A Deeper Level

One thing I never take for granted is my relationship with Honor.  When I catch myself getting too caught up in the weeds or less important things, I stop myself and refocus on her. Our relationship is my number one priority. If you're wanting to be sure to keep that relationship with your children solid, this is the newsletter for you!


Here are a few ways you can connect with your kids, on a deeper level: 


1. Establish an open line of communication. Don't make this formal. Just start talking (and listening) as often as your child allows.

2. Start a ritual or tradition that is just for you and your child. Make art or poetry together, spend Saturday mornings sipping tea together, go for a run or walk together every evening... pick something that is effortless and meaningful.

3. Create affirmations, mantras, or credos together. This is a big one for H and I. We use our words to get pumped every single day. Speak into them! Words are life changing we're raising future leaders, right?


XO Destiney