Teaching Her to Be Someone Instead of Someone's

Teaching Her to Be Someone Instead of Someone's by Utah mom blogger Mom Crush Monday

Some days I just lay near Honor and watch her. Watch her smile and laugh, watch her talk to her dolls in whatever make believe world she's in that day, watch her develop into her own self. And I think to myself, as I watch her, who will you be one day? What will you do with your time? Will you be wonderful? Will you be someone important to the world, not just to me and those who know you? 

And I think to myself, how important it is for me to raise her to be someone not to be someone's. I do want her to find love, don't get me wrong. There are few things more powerful than being in love; but because of that, I want her to be so strong in who she is before she meets her person, that she still stays true to herself and her own identity, instead of quietly tucking herself up into whatever identity the relationship gives her. It's important to me for her to always shine as brightly as I see her. Her magic is in being somebody, not belonging to somebody else. 

3 ways to teach your daughter to be someone instead of someone's

1. Teach her confidence and hustle. When she knows she can rely on herself for everything, she will find companionship because she wants it - not because she needs it. She will never loose her power. 

2. Look at the example of men she has in her life, or lack thereof for daughters without fathers. Don't let it be a crutch for her to use to find anyone and settle with - instead teach her to NEVER SETTLE for less than she deserves.

3. Let her explore her interests, and let her try and fail and try again. Encourage her to keep going when she fails, and let her know that it's not the failing that defines her, but the giving up or the grit to keep going.

These are things I instill in Honor daily. Recently she told me, "Mom, I love you a lotta days," and I told her, "and I, my dear, will love you for all of mine." Here's to raising our daughters to be someone, instead of someone's

Teaching Her to Be Someone Instead of Someone's by Utah mom blogger Mom Crush Monday