How to Travel with Kids on a Budget

How to Travel with Kids on a Budget by Utah Mom blogger MomCrushMonday

One of the things I hear most frequently from other parents is their desire to get away from the mundane day to day, and get to vacation with their families. Their biggest concern though is the cost of these trips, because let's face it, kids are expensive. Most families have to put vacations on the back burner because other things take priority. 

I decided to share a few of my own secrets to getting to travel with kids regularly, in hopes of more families getting to go on their own vacations more often! Even if kids take a toll on your finances, you DON'T have to give up your love for travel, I promise!

So, let's chat about ways you can travel with kids and give your family some amazing memories, while still keeping to a budget! 

How to Travel with Kids on a Budget by Utah Mom blogger MomCrushMonday

1. Pick Your Location Wisely

When you travel with kids, your location is going to make a huge difference on the amount of money you spend, from your flights to your activities. If you can, choose a location that is family and budget friendly. If you have a set place in mind, travel during non-peak seasons to pay non-premium fees. 

2. Shop Around for Airlines

Nowadays there are 100 different websites to check airfare and find discounts. Make sure you are taking advantage of this while shopping for airline tickets to travel with kids. If you plan ahead, you can even use watchdog sites to ensure you're getting the lowest price possible. Also be sure to sign up to get 'miles' for your flights. The more you fly, the more points you get and you can eventually get a trip for free!

3. Be flexible with your timeline

Airline prices will vary by the day, so there's a good chance your ticket will be a lot less expensive if you use the pricing tool to plan your dates. 

How to Travel with Kids on a Budget by Utah Mom blogger MomCrushMonday
How to Travel with Kids on a Budget by Utah Mom blogger MomCrushMonday

4. Avoid Hotels

When you travel with kids, you need more space and that adds up! With hotels, you also are often left without a kitchen so you are forced to eat out for every meal. That adds up. Instead, opt for a rental service like AirBnB and take full advantage of living like you're at home, but in a new city. 

5. Look for Free Activities

Every city has free activities available, and I know it sounds like it wouldn't have that much potential, but it really does! It also gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the actual culture of the city, and do as the locals do. When things aren't free, look for discounted days. For example, most museum have free days or discounted days.

6. Get creative

You don't have to stick to the norms to have fun when you travel with kids! Look for opportunities to make your trip more cost effective and look at it like an adventure! 

There you have it. My favorite tips to travel with kids on a budget! Tell me in the comments about your ideal family trip!