Monday's Mom Crush: Denise Vasi

Monday's Mom Crush: Denise Vasi  by mommy blogger Destiney of Mom Crush Monday

Meet Denise Vasi.

I'm really excited about this week's Monday's Mom Crush Feature: Denise Vasi! Not only is Denise one bad mamma jamma, from being a full time actress and model; but more than anything she's got soul. 

I met with Denise Vasi in New York City a few weeks ago, and let me tell you, she's a rare gem. This isn't a term I use loosely, but it fits her to a T. She truly won my heart over with her down to earth vibes, and her amazing parenting to her daughter, Lennox Mae. I can't wait until our next mama date!

From starting modeling at age 12, to acting on Single Ladies and All My Children and many other programs, to being one amazing mama herself; check out more of why I love Denise Vasi in our interview below! 

Monday's Mom Crush: Denise Vasi  by mommy blogger Destiney of Mom Crush Monday

In your opinion, what makes Brooklyn amazing? I've visited a few times and each time fall more in love with it!

For me Brooklyn is home. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, so first and foremost there's that. Secondly, in my opinion what makes Brooklyn so special is that each area of Brooklyn has their own little unique vibe.

You've got Italian food in Bensonhurst, Russian food in Brighton Beach, Spanish food in Sunset Park and Caribbean food in Crown Heights. You've got Coney Island and it's infamous Nathan's & "Cyclone" roller coaster. The decked out Dyker Heights homes during Christmas. There's this major sense of community in Brooklyn. You can still find many small businesses run by families that have lived in their respected neighborhoods for decades. 

There's also a real sense of pride in regards Brooklyn... "Goodfellas," "Do The Right Thing," and "Saturday Night Fever" all took place in Brooklyn. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls and Basquiat... all Brooklynites. Not to mention, all the great new things happening in NYC right now are happening in Brooklyn. 

The rest of the world might just be catching on but Brooklyn has always been amazing and it's only going to keep on getting better. 

How do you manage? You make it look so effortless!

Before I had my daughter I thought 17 hours on set filming was tough but I quickly realized how easy that was compared to being Mama. Motherhood never stops. Every single cliche about it is true! It's literally the only job you will ever do where you work 24/7 365 days a year, so I use prioritization and time management to create balance.

I give myself a date to get something completed by and I make a list each night with the 3 most important things to get done the next day. I try to get one full hour each day for myself. That might be to work out, get my nails done or hit the sauna, wash my hair and enjoy a long hot shower. That one hour allows me to reset and recharge. 

Monday's Mom Crush: Denise Vasi  by mommy blogger Destiney of Mom Crush Monday

Your family is so precious, especially your sweet daughter, Lennox Mae. How do you think being her mama has changed you?

Awwwwe, thank you!!! I barely remember what life was like before I had Lennox Mae. Becoming a Mama has been such an awakening for me. She has opened up windows of my soul, I didn't know existed. She challenges me everyday to be my absolute best and that's what life is all about. I'm softer, I try to think about the way I react to things more, I lead every day by example. Through her, I am becoming who I was truly meant to be. She's also inspired a special project I've been working on but I'll share more about that with you in September :)

Ekk! I can't wait to hear more! Did your mother influence your parenting style?

There is nothing about me that has not been influenced by my mother, but every woman mothers differently. What I've taken from my mother's style of parenting is to consistently encourage my daughter to dream big, strive for the impossible, and work hard. 

What are three things you can share with us that you love about being a woman?

If I have to pick only three things that I love about being a woman then I would pick… Our ability to give birth, our ability to multitask, and our ability to channel our intuition.

Monday's Mom Crush: Denise Vasi  by mommy blogger Destiney of Mom Crush Monday

A huge thank you to Denise Vasi for taking the time to chat with us! To learn more about Denise, and follow her journey with her cute family, follow her here: Instagram || Twitter || Facebook

Photography by: Bradley Meinz