Mother's Day || The Good, The Bad, The Presents

Mother's Day || The Good, The Bad, The Presents

With Mother's Day a few days away, I am so filled with love and admiration for other mothers. I have built my entire career on building up other women, mothers especially. I know how are it can be to be a new mom, and I just want us to be there for each other. I get asked a lot what words of wisdom I would give to new moms, so I felt like this was the perfect time to share it with you all.

Okay, and so maybe I'll be sharing some fun presents with you guys too... because I mean, come on! We work our butts off all year, we deserve to be treated to something really special on our day!

But back to the serious stuff... The good and the bad. 

This is a big one, okay – so new mamas, hear me with your ears, your heart, and your soul. YOU ARE A GOOD MAMA. Yes, even when you are bitter about the sleepless nights. Yes, even if you don’t want to breastfeed. Yes, even if you are upset that you have stretch marks and just can’t see them as beautiful despite the reason you got them.

You are not alone, the hard moments will pass, and you are a good mama. You will lose your patience, you will scroll Instagram and wonder how people can make it look so easy, you will think you can’t take one more sleepless night. You are still a good mama. Instagram mamas have these same fears and thoughts as you do… they just are good at using filters (coming from an IG mama).

But let me tell you, you are made of steel. Yes, you can take another sleepless night. Yes, you will be covered in these we don't want to talk about, but you will make it look good. Because you are a damn good mama. You can handle the changes that have come crashing upon your world. You are stronger than you can even imagine, so in the bad moments, repeat to yourself, “I am a good mama.”

And one day, the hard nights will slow down. The breastfeeding or bottle feeding will wean and you might even miss it. They will start to talk, and tell you for themselves what a good mama you are. Then they will get mad at you, but let's not focus on that. Kids are fickle. They really mean the good stuff. You'll work so hard, and you'll raise good humans, and it will all be worth it. 

Phew! We got through that. You've earned a little fun! So let's talk about presents now! Here are my top four Mother's Day presents that I think any mama would be lucky to receive! 

1. Tiny Tags

Okay, so let me tell you what a huge fan of Tiny Tags I am! I love them so much, that I wear my Tiny Tags necklace that says "Majoring" for Majoring in Motherhood every single day. I wear the Gold Bar Script Necklace and I also sent the same ones to my business partner, our intern and a few lucky MIM's who are doing it big! That's how much I love these necklaces, I want everyone I care about to have one!


Aside from how beautiful they are, they are also really well made. The owner of Tiny Tags is phenomenal as well, and she's just a dream when it comes to customer service. I mean you guys, every month, Tiny Tags donates to Save the Children, Plan USA, and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I love that not is she a mother, but her mission in creating her business is to help support and create beautiful things for other mothers AND make the world a better place. She's a business owner I love to support. 

Tiny Tags has even made shopping super easy for the men (or women) folk in your life by breaking it down in different gift giving guides! 

For Moms || For New Moms/Push Present || For Grandma || Baby Shower

Learn more about Tiny Tags here: 

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2.  MeDusa Clutch

I mean, seriously?! How cute is this bag? MeDusa Bags MeDusa Bags are one of my hands down favorite and I'll tell you why. It's unique, but still classy. It's the absolute perfect versatile bag for going out. Mama's know that we might not get to ditch those diaper bags often, but when we do we need something that makes up for that lost time! This bag is it. It's the perfect grab and go clutch for brunch with your girlfriends or a night on the town.

And another amazing fun fact, MeDusa is another women owned business! Wins for all the women! Designers and owners Gili Rozin Tamam and Adi Gal created MeDusa to stand out, and create something new that hadn't been done before. And they did exactly that, while making sure all of their designs are cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and incredibly durable. 

Do yourself a favor and check out MeDusa! 

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3. HAPP Bags 

Okay, so you have your perfect necklace, and you have your perfect kids free bag; but we are mamas and we are with our kids A LOT. But just because you are toting around those cuties on the regular doesn't mean your bag has to be drab. Mamas, we deserve to look and feel good at all times. So when I'm with Honor, I carry a Happ Bag so I don't sacrifice style for functionality. I get both.

Not only does this bag help me stay amazingly organized, but this dusty pink color is all of the rage right now. I mean it's everywhere and I still can't get enough of it. All of their products are designed with the mothers’ constant moving life in mind and a sense of comfort and ease is prioritized above all. This brand has only been on the scene for a couple of years, but my guess is that they are the next big thing.

Get yours here: 

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4. Promptly Journals 

These Promptly Journals are such a sweet and sentimental gift for any mama. I purchased this Childhood History Journal last year as a way to always remember the important parts of Honor's life. We all know that baby books are a thing, but they usually get dismissed after the first year, and I didn't want to do that. I wanted to keep remembering each little and big moment throughout her life. This book lets me keep track of the important stuff, from pregnancy, all the way until she's 18 years old. They also have one for families who adopt, which I love.

If you haven't picked up on a trend here already, this should do it for you. This is another woman owned business, and she's really just the best. Jayne created Promptly Journals out of her own need as a mother to document her children's lives in a meaningful way. She wanted to be able to one day give these journals to her kids, so she found a way for herself and other mothers to document their children's stories. 

Get yours here: 

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