Five Quick Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

Another day, another city! As much as Honor and I love bouncing from one city to the next, it wouldn't be enjoyable if we didn't travel smart. Parents, this one is for you. I think we've all been there at one point or another (and if you haven't, you will), where your vacation turns into more work than being at home because of unhappy little ones. 

Do yourself a favor when traveling with toddlers and small kids; pack smart and plan ahead! 

I'll be sharing more about my trip to Dallas in an upcoming blog post and things I do in the city to keep her entertained; but for now, let's chat about the actual travel to your vacation! 

As we head on trip this morning I wanted to share a few gems on how I travel with The Honor Code. Here are 5 quick travel tips when traveling with toddlers and small kids!

1. Pack smart.

It helps to separate bags to stay organized that way you don't risk a meltdown when they need something - because we all know toddlers don't have great levels of patience. Let's be honest.  Clean clothes, dirty clothes, toiletries and toys are all packed in her own suitcase. 

2. Use durable luggage.

This might not be the first thing you think about, but trust me when I say, you don't want your luggage breaking in the middle of airport and then you're trying to carry a toddler, 3 suitcases, a coffee, Princess Sparkles, a half eaten apple, and a coloring book. Just don't do it. I swear by these CalPaks suitcases . Not only are they cute, but Honor can bang it on things and it doesn't damage.


3. Plan ahead.

Pack a spare outfit in your carry on and bring a spare gallon size baggie or two, in case they have an accident or spill something on their clothes. Then you don't have to worry about wet, smelly clothes ruining your other items.

4.  Arrive early. 

Kids don't work on your schedule. They like to look at butterflies and ask where a line of ants are going. They will get curious at every gift shop in the airport and get hungry, thirsty, and have to use the restroom approximately 87 times before you get to your gate. Then when you get to your gate, they will tell you they dropped their blanket 42 gates back. Arrive early. Just do it.  

5. Pack Entertainment + Food

We always make sure to travel with an iPad, books and flash cards for entertainment, especially if it's a long flight. I also know that my child, like most toddlers is super picky, so I pack her favorite stacks. Pre-cut up fruit and graham crackers are easy and she loves them, but be sure to get your child's favorite. As much as I stress eating healthy with Honor, a 5 hour plane ride isn't where I'm my most strict. Do yourself a favor and let them have a happy snack. 

While this isn't my extensive list of how to travel with a toddler, it's my top five! Stay tuned for how I entertain her in Dallas!