7 Tricks to Wake Up in the Morning Beautiful


I've been working really hard to just live my life better. To feel better, work better, produce a world around me that is... better. It's not secret that sleep impacts your entire ability to function properly; from thinking clearly, to managing stress, to even having healthy skin. It's crucial. Yet, for some reason, us workaholics tend to put sleep on the back burner first. I'm so guilty of this. I'm working diligently though to improve my life and I can't ignore this area of it. I'm looking to start working smarter, instead of harder. 


Here are seven ways I'm improving my sleep so I wake up more refreshed, beautiful, and happy. 

1. Turn off electronics an hour before bed. The stimulation from the screen will make it harder for you to go to sleep, and when you do sleep, you won't sleep as well. Waking up better, doesn't happen unless you sleep better first. 

2. Write down your motivation for waking up early and set it on your bedside table. It will help you stay accountable for getting up. It helps to be accountable to something else as well, like a gym trainer, or a friend who is trying to do the same thing as you. 

3. Let the time right before bed be for calming your mind and recentering yourself. I use an app called Calm to help me do this, but you can use any you like. 

4. Take your shower based on what helps you. Some people find it relaxing to shower before bed, while others need it to wake up. Move your schedule around to ensure your shower helps your sleep patterns. 

5. Reset your internal clock. If you want to start waking up at 5am, but are normally a 7:30am riser, don't just do it cold turkey. Your body is going to be so mad at you and you'll be setting yourself up for failure. Gradually move your internal clock back by 15 minutes every few days. Start by setting your new wake up time at 7:15am and go from there. 

6. Wake up to happy music instead of obnoxious alarm beeps. Set your alarm to be something that gets your mood perked up and your mind interested in something other than sleep. 

7. Don't lay in bed on your phone trying to wake up. You aren't helping yourself. Instead get up immediately and do a few jumping jacks, or shake it out. Do some type of movement to get your body flowing and you'll feel more energized. 


There you have it! My list of ways I'm working on waking up better each day! I hope it helps and I'd love to hear what's helping you do the same in the comments below!