Happy Mother's Day with Hallmark Cards

This post is written as a sponsored post for Hallmark Signature Cards, the family-owned creator of greeting cards to make every special occasion extra special. 

Happy Mother's Day with Hallmark Signature Cards

With Mother's Day just a mere 9 days away, I can't help but think about how many amazing mothers I know and love. When you have a community of women you care about, this is one of the best times of the year to recognize them and celebrate them. I'm big on communication year round, but I love to mark special occasions with something just a little extra special. 

And since I have a thing with expressing how I feel, I have to tell you, there is no better way to do this than with Hallmark Signature Cards . Mother's Day is not only a day to express your love for your mother, grandmother, sister, aunts, and friend; but to show them how thankful you are for everything they have done for you.

One of the extra special cards we are writing out this year is for my grandmother. She's someone I spend a huge chunk of my time with and who I value immensely. She's so unique and strong; and she has taught me so many things in life. From never leaving my house with chipped nails, to the importance of manners, she's an irreplaceable part of mine and Honor's life. We make a point to thank her on a regular basis, but there's no replacement for giving a special card to acknowledge her impact on our lives. 

Every mom has a unique signature of her own. Her own way of spreading joy to those around her. Her own sense of humor or way of dealing with stress. Her own way of making those around her better for knowing her. What is the special signature of the moms you are closest to? Tell your mom, and the moms around you, just how special they really are. I keep every single card I'm given and I always reflect back to them. 

Here are a few of the Hallmark Signature Cards I picked up this year for my favorite mothers. 

As you think about the special mothers in your life, what do they need to hear from you?  What makes them unique? What is their signature? When you have something to say, say it with Hallmark Signature.

Hallmark Signature cards are available in the card department, wherever cards are sold. 

Happy Mother's Day, to all my favorite gals out there!