Three Tips to Help You Stop Procrastinating


Hey friends! I wanted to take a few minutes to address all of you this morning, because I'm always getting a lot of questions about how I'm able to take on so many projects, while parenting H, and running a business. It's pretty simple, I don't procrastinate. Being successful and being a good mother are my top two priorities. So when other things come up, that could keep me from being one of those things, I ask myself, "Is this my priority?" The answer is usually no.

ONE ||

Stop hanging out with other people who procrastinate
There is a saying that goes something like, "You are the sum of the six people you spend the most time with." So I want you to take a second to look around - okay not literally - but take a minute to evaluate who you spend most of your time with. Are they perpetuating your bad habits through their own bad habits? It's not to say you can't still be that person's friend, but you need to ask yourself is this person affecting my ability to grow myself.

If the six people you spend the most time with aren't helping grow you into the person you want to be, then it might be time to reevaluate who you spend your time with.  That might mean getting a mentor or two, and allowing those positive influences be the primary voice in your head. Not the ones saying, "Put it off until later, let's go get an ice cream."

TWO ||

Instead of saying I don't have time, try saying it's not a priority
Which leads perfectly into my next tip. YOU have to set YOURSELF up for greatness. No one is going to do the work for you. That's not their job. If they did, it would be their success and not yours. That doesn't taste as good does it? So I want you to say to yourself, the next time you want to skip a work out after a long day of work; or the next time you get offered a really cool opportunity but it would mean moving things around or getting less sleep - Don't say "I don't have time for this work out, project, whatever" instead I want you to say, "This isn't a priority for me." See how that feels. If it doesn't feel good, then make adjustments so it is a priority. 


List out your top 2-3 priorities, and stop putting other things above those items.
For me those top two, as I mentioned earlier, are being a good parent to Honor, and being successful. That means, when I get an email, I respond right away. When I get a phone call - I answer. Then I don't have those things weighing me down - I've taken care them immediately and I can focus on Honor or other tasks at hand.

These are things we work on helping our MIMs with weekly, to help them stay on top of their goals and stay accountable for each other.

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