The Four Best Editing and Scheduling Apps

The Four Best Editing and Scheduling Apps

Did she just take a photo of her shoes, oh yes she did! I'm not going to lie, sometimes I get funny looks at the things that I do to get a good photo, but I've got no shame in my game. I'll stand on chairs, move my body at funny angles, and let all the people stare. *hair flip*

But don't worry, this post isn't about teaching you to channel your inner child to get the photo, but instead it's about what to do once you get it! And these apps I use to edit and schedule my photos are just as important as getting the right angle - if not more so! 

A question I get asked a lot is what filter do you use? It seems insignificant to many, but's actually pretty important! You have to find what works for your feed, and then stick with it to make it cohesive. This is my process to editing photos:


VSCO is one of the best editing apps out there and a favorite of photographers. Edit your photos with film-inspired filters & professional image tools. I love the "S" collection but I play with them all.

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is Google's editing app, and like all things Google, it's user friendly and a great resource. After I run the photo through VSCO getting my filter, I use snapseed for all my detail work. Yes, it's important to edit with more than one app! Sharpen, clarity and all that good stuff.

3. Facetune

Facetune is known for it's selfie enhancing abilities, but it's good for so much more than that! I love it for flatlays and smoothing if you need it!

4. Planoly

Lastly, once you're done editing the photo you still need to make sure it's cohesive with yoru feed! This is SO important and I can't stress it enough. One photo really does have the ability to throw off your entire feed. So, if you haven't used Planoly, GET ON IT! This is one app we preach to our MIMs and use religiously ourselves to maintain a cohesive feed!

Well now you know the tricks, so get to grammin' babes! 

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