Monday's Mom Crush: House of Evbuomwan

Monday's Mom Crush: EK of House of Evbuomwan by SLC mommy blogger Destiney of MomCrushMonday

This week I am featuring someone I have so much love for! Ekiuwa is one half of an amazing design team duo! Her and her husband have their own design company, and I swear by their work. I won't hire anyone besides Ek when I need something done, because she always makes my visions come to life! 

Now, this sweet friend of mine has entered a new phase in her life, as she has become a mama-to-be! I knew I wanted her to be one of my Mom Crushes, because not only is she an extremely talented, intelligent individual, but I know she will be a great mama too. 

Check out my interview with Ekiuwa below! 

You and your husband are an amazing design team, and now you are expecting! I'm so happy for you, and I can only imagine how creative this beautiful child will be! I can just picture him learning code in your belly. How did you find out that you were expecting? 

OMG, Destiney we just love you. Okay, so here is the crazy story behind our finding out. We were traveling back from Palm Springs + New York and things seemed a bit off (if you know what I mean). I was eating more than normal, and craving the juiciest of juiciest things + sleeping more than normal. However, I paid it no mind at all. I’m a girl that loves a good meal and great nap, no big deal.

As we land, my sister picks my husband + I up from the airport and I instantly began craving Zaxby’s (if you don’t know what that is, let’s just say I think they were the ones who invented chicken.) Lol, okay not really, but during that time it totally felt like it. I got my food and devoured in less than 5 minutes, no really. 

Then as we are driving home, my sister looks at me and says, “Dude you are so pregnant, let's go get you a pregnancy test.” After having recently experienced a miscarriage, I was scared to become pregnant again. Excited, yet nervous as I walked my way into CVS Pharmacy. I picked up a test, went home, had my husband stand in the bathroom with me (oh yes, we have that kind of relationship). I looked up smiled and let him know we were indeed pregnant. We hugged and scheduled our first pregnancy appointment. 

Monday's Mom Crush: EK of House of Evbuomwan by SLC mommy blogger Destiney of MomCrushMonday

I love that story! Sisters know. I'm so relieved to know you've been able to have a healthy pregnancy so far this time around! Do you feel like your creative direction has or will change now that you're a mama to be? 

Gahhh, I imagine it will. He will be the reason for it all. We are excited to see how he will change/better the business. 

This baby is so blessed already to have you as his mama! We are so excited to hear this baby name! Can you give us a hint?

Sure, baby boy name is Sage, Sage Evbuomwan. When we heard the name we instantly fell in love and the name felt so fitting. 

In French, the meaning of the name Sage is: Wise one. 

Monday's Mom Crush: EK of House of Evbuomwan by SLC mommy blogger Destiney of MomCrushMonday

Oh my gosh! What a perfect name! I absolutely love it! Thank you for sharing it with us! What are you most looking forward to about motherhood?

Gosh, for my heart to be transformed inside out. I am looking forward to seeing that man that sacrificed it all for me, love and teach our son to be the best boy/man he could ever be. My husband is my reason. I am more than proud to have a baby with a man that I am completely in love with.

Goosebumps, truly! What an epic kind of love, and there's no doubt Sage will be surrounded by it! What do you feel is the most important lesson you can teach your children?

Love. Love conquers all. With it you have everything. 

Yessss! Okay so on to some fun, less heavy questions! What is your most wanted registry item?!

Gahhhhhhh! Stokke XPlory Stroller. I’ve wanted this stroller before we were married, one of my favorite blogger moms owned one. I became obsessed. 

Monday's Mom Crush: EK of House of Evbuomwan by SLC mommy blogger Destiney of MomCrushMonday

Ohhhh girl! YES! I love that stroller. You and your boys will be rolling in style! Okay and one last one for fun, what’s your favorite ’90s jam?

Wait, just one? Does 1989 count? If so, “If This World Were Mine” — Luther Vandross

I love all things Stevie Wonder + Luther Vandross. 

A huge thank you to Ekiuwa for taking the time to chat with me and be my Mom Crush Monday! If you have any design needs, be sure to check out Ek's info below! Hint: she's the brains and talent that created both Honor and I's websites! 

Instagram: @houseofevbuomwan
Facebook: House of Evbuomwan