My New Favorite Hobby: Skiing with Honor

I always said when I had H that I would have her partake in things that I never got to experience as a child. Would you believe that I've lived in Utah my entire life and I had never skied before? Listen, I'm not going to lie to you. I was okay with that fact. I was pretty intimidated by the idea of it, but you never know how much you could love something unless you try it.

We have been thinking about relocating, but before we do, I wanted to give Honor the chance to learn this new skill. I checked out a few local places and decided on Solitude Ski Resort because of how amazing their ski academy is. H has been going half days and she's a natural. When I finally took a deep breath and challenged myself to lessons as well, I completely surprised myself! Something that I have feared for so long because it's a challenge actually came really natural to me too!

I'm here to tell you not to let yourself be held back by fear, because you could really be holding yourself back from something amazing, just like I was. Skiing has a new place in my heart, and it's my new favorite hobby! It's so peaceful at Solitude Ski Resort. I loved the sense of balance and the peace that comes from letting go of everything else for a few hours. I feel really bad that I've missed out on such an amazing sport all this time, but I'm so fortunate to have gotten over my fear.

I also wanted to take a minute to tell you guys about our amazing ski outfits, because I've had a lot of people asking! You can find all of these at Spyder Active Sports. And bonus, they also make gear for Olympians so you know it's the real deal!


Cheers to getting over fears and trying something new! Remember babes, don't know it until you've rocked it! Lesson learned over here!

xo, Destiney