Brands We Love || Persil at Target

You guyyysss! My favorite store now has my favorite detergent! Persil ProClean is now available at Target nationwide!  For real, this stuff is like magic and has been restoring Honor's whites...(and protecting my sanity) since 2017. Okay, I know 2017 just started and yes, I just discovered this stuff, but I'm soooo glad I did! 

I mean, do you see these whites?!?! I can't even deal. They look brand new... no, better than brand new! When  Persil asked me to team up with them to let everyone know that it would now be offered in Target nationwide, I said, "okay, let me see what this is all about." Something you should know right now, is that if I try out a product and it's not something that works or something that I would use again, I won't post it up here for you. 

But this stuff, this is the real deal! Now that spring is approaching and I'll be changing our wardrobe to light colors, I really needed something that would keep us bright and fresh! I have so much love for Persil! And, bonus for us, it's made for sensitive skin! It couldn't be any better!

And here are a few tips to keeping your whites brighter: 

1. Wash white clothes in hot, hot, hot water!

2. Use enough soap or detergent to wash dirt away. This is important, a lot of people over fill their washing machine. Don't! 

3. Use Persil ProClean and watch your worries (and stains) wash away! 



Disclosure: The Persil brand provided me with compensation in exchange for a product mention. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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