The Best in Children's Fashion


If you know me, then you know children's fashion is my jam! It's how I got started making a name for myself on Instagram and I've always had the idea of one day having my own children's clothing line. In the meantime though, I do my best to fill Honor's closet with the coolest clothes I can find. The seasons and clothes change, but there are two shops I absolutely love no matter what, because each season they level up their game. 

Check out my current list of best in children's fashion and the two shops that always get Honor looking her best. 

Go Tell Mama

Go Tell Mama is the perfect shop for getting unique and fresh clothes for both boys and girls. This dress has quickly become one of Honors absolute favorites, and I love it for multiple reasons. One, she makes me put her in it at least once a week, but it's so versatile I can accessorize her to make it look like totally different looks. Also! The quality, you guys, is so good. It still looks brand new and we've washed it so many times. 

We also snagged up this absolutely PERFECT jean jacket from Go Tell Mama and we pair it with everything. It's soft enough to be comfortable, but durable enough to last. Jean jackets have made a huge comeback in the last year and that trend isn't going anywhere. Be sure to snag one up before they sell out! 

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Alex and Alexa

Alex and Alexa is next level good and they have absolutely everything you could want or need; from amazing kids clothing to shoes to decor to toys. They are a staple in our home because they carry the best brands and they have amazing customer service. I literally can't say enough good things about Alex and Alexa. If you're looking for your next favorite shop, this is it. 

I picked up a few things for Honor's summer time essentials from here recently and I wanted to share them with you! I love that these Tommy Hilfiger swimsuits are coming back in style... like pure 90's perfection. This one that I bought sold out, but they have another similar one here and it's so good we might have to snag it up too.  Pair it up with these classic raybans and these must have camel sandals and your girl will be the coolest kid on the block. Don't forget the best jumper that can second as a cover up for after your done at the pool!