Santa or No Santa?


I told Honor Santa was fake. It was a pretty rough and in the moment thing to do, but I felt compelled to keep it real with my boo.


I saw a friend’s Facebook status asking "do you allow your children to believe in Santa...”



In that moment I thought, well I guess as a parent I do have the choice....” I hadn’t considered it much. In my mind, parents just give Santa the credit for making sure that every year, December 25 is lit. But it just clicked and I felt differently, so I just came out and said I have something to tell you: "Santa isn't real." Honor laughed... not exactly the response I thought she would give me but she laughed and I told her. I also mentioned that most of the other kids don't know he isn't real so don't tell them. She laughed again and replied, “okay, I'll tell their mommies.” 


I'll keep this one cute and simple. Here’s why I told her Santa isn’t real:



1. I don't like the sitting on random dudes lap,thing. 


2. Ain't no man getting the credit for the work that I put in. Plus... we're focusing on less material items and more experiences.


3.  Because it just didn't feel right in my soul. There are religious, political, and commercial aspects to this season that I think is just too much.


4. The unnecessary material possessions just kinda rubs me the wrong way. 


5. I only remember like 5 things my mom got me for Christmas. But, I sure in hell remember all the things she didn't get for me. H won’t be talking about me like that when she gets older.🤷🏾‍♀️


So there you have it! My kid knows Santa isn't real and next year we will be celebrating with 1 gift and that's the gift of traveling the world! 


What are your thoughts? Santa or no Santa in your household?