Coparenting Land


Coparenting update: 


Things are on the up and up. We’re still good, here, in coparenting land. 



Having this space between us has been interesting. As most of you know, we used to hang out every day, just as friends, for Honor’s sake. Neither of us were dating, so of course that made it easier. I have to commend him for seriously considering me and my personal goals. This move couldn’t have been easy for him, but he’s not giving me grief. This was a major step to fulfill my dreams. I am happy to say he is playing a major role in that. 


Remember to coparent with love. When the time comes, I plan to be just as supportive to him. 



A few more coparenting gems:



1. If possible, establish a friendship that is inspired by the kind of friendship you want to model for your kid(s.)

2. Show as much support as possible. Both parents need to win for the sake of your babies.

3. If the other parent decides to show their ass, you keep it together. One of you has to always vibrate high. Make sure that’s always you, mama.