5 Ways To Knock Out The Winter Blues


Seasonal depression is real. This time of year is tough on some many people for so many reasons. Loneliness, loss, financial stress, anxiety over what’s to come...




If you are experiencing some lows, here are 5 ways to knock out the winter blues:




1. Plan a trip. If the cold gets you down, go somewhere warm for the winter. Most people their vacation in the summer, but if you know the colder season is a trigger for you, plan a vacation around it. Look for the closest beach, and take in some vitamin D and sun rays. 


2. If you can’t get away, get into it. Make the cold work for you. Book a ski lesson, build a snow man, snuggle up in a cabin somewhere... instead of hibernating, get outside and release some of those good hormones and vibes.



3. Focus on someone else. Helping other people can be an instant mood booster. Find a cause, a friend, or maybe even a shelter too that could use your help. 




4. Brighten up your life. Instead of falling into the dark colors of fall or heavy clothes for winter, go for brighter and lighter things. Brighter colors are linked to brighter moods.


5. Stay active. Don’t let the cold, snow, or early sunsets throw you off. Keep your workouts going. If your snowed in, turn on some music and dance. A body in motion doesn’t have time to be blue.