My Minnetonka

So we’re getting settled into our new condo and I’m totally in love with all of the space we have. Both Honor and I have so much stuff. From clothes to handbags, accessories to shoes, we are blessed to have 2 full closets stuffed with all of our favorite things. 


Instead of just unloading all of our boxes randomly, I took some time to comb through our things and get organized. One of the ways we maintain some order in our stylish lives is to separate our clothes according to the seasons. We tuck away items from seasons past, and keep the current season’s clothing ready to wear. And then there are the classic pieces we wear no matter what season we’re in.  



Our Minnetonka shoes  are definitely for all seasons. I pair them with jeans and a sweater, or shorts and a cropped jacket. I can wear them on a visit to Utah or on a day like today, here in LA.



I think adding things like cute moccasins to your wardrobe is a must. They’re one of those pieces that highlight your personality- especially my favorite pair with the fringe. I mean a girl in some fringe is sure to be fun, right? 

Not sure how to wear them? Here's how we style ours.

The style: Chrissy

How we wear it: These are our go-to's for around the house (like reading and being cozy by the fire), while running errands pair these with some leggings for a major cute look without the effort, or

The style: Back Zip

How we wear it: The perfect in-between bootie. Not as casual as the Chrissy flats, and not as eye-catching as the 3 Layer Fringe, but don't get it twisted. These middle child boots are not to be looked over. These go perfectly with ankle jeans and a flannel, a romper, or leggings. 

The style: 3 Layer Fringe

How we wear it: I saved the best for last.  These level up any outfit so much. I love pairing mine with shorts especially, but they also work great for a casual date night paired with a dress or pair them with jeans and a sweater for a fun spin on a winter classic. 



Minnetonka’s designs are also classic. I remember wanting a pair as a kid, and now H and I are twinning in them. Speaking of H, another reason I keep them front and center is because her favorite pair are lace-free. On those mornings when we’re in a hurry, she can just grab them and slip them on, so we can roll out. Every mom can appreciate that.

You may not be unpacking like H and I, but you’re probably combing through holiday gift lists.

Minnetonka products are a great gift to give away and to receive. They have you covered from lounging around the house, to running errands, to making a classic look pop a little. They are my year around fav.