Go Where The Love Is

One thing about this girl right here. She’s always cheering for me and and rooting for my success! She’s always pushing me out of my comfort zone and reminding me to trust the process. 

She’s the best god mommy to @thehonor.code. She believes in my dreams and supports my vision. I've always been one to keep my circle tight. One thing I always say, a friend to everybody is a friend to nobody. Her circle is just as tight as mine. We both believe in quality over quantity.


What I love most about my ace is that she's good- at everything she does. 

She’s always down for the cause, and she's loyal. She’s had my front and my back, time after time. Watch out she's got next! I just had to take a moment and DJ Khalid on my girl right quick. #gratefulheart


I remember Honor’s dad saying, “when we go home (Africa) as soon as the plane touches down, you just feel something come over you that can't really be explained only experienced.” I just felt that y’all. I cried off and on the whole trip. I really can’t even put into words what I felt. Everyone asked me how I was enjoying my time, or what I learned from the trip. When I tried to compose an answer, my eyes would begin to tear up.


I have a lot to reflect on and process. I met some amazing people and got to engage in some some meaningful conversations. I have so much appreciation for the locals for being willing to share their culture and authenticity with me and my friend. Jamaica is not my “home,” but the people and the vibes made it feel like it was. See you sooner than later 🇯🇲 Thanks @seagramsescapes for Jamaican me so happy! #seagramsescapes


The culture in Jamaica is so rich. There are some things you just can’t get at home.

@seagramsescapes got it right when they chose to capture the essence and culture of Jamaica in their drinks. 

3 things I really loved about the culture: 

1. The importance of hard work is engrained early on.

2. They look out for one another and believe in community.

3. They don’t play around with their vibes. Living irie is the Jamaican way. 🏾 I’ll have a home in the West Indies one day. I plan to have one everywhere the love is.



Unc dropping some wisdom  Go where the love is. #seagramsescapes



Them: we went deep sea diving just to catch these lobsters for you.

Me: throw it in the bag.


It feels good to be in this space in life. I was able to sit for a moment and chat it up with these two. I listened to their stories, shared some of mine, and just enjoyed the moment. 

Life is good.